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The Establishment Problem

The DCCC is desperately trying to avoid being overthrown by its more radical element like the Republican Party lost control to Tea Party Radicals. This country does not have a right v. left problem. We have an establishment (donor) v. citizen problem.

The Tea Party was a fake populist movement designed by establishment Oligarchs that got out of control. The Progressive movement is real and being driven by real grassroots activism all across the political spectrum. And this is exactly what scares the party elites.

The Hill covered the January 10th announcemnet by the DCCC to add seven more Congressional candidates to their list of, ‘Red-to-Blue‘ program races. This brings the offical total of openly endorsed candidates to 18.

What the article neglects to mention is many of these endorsed candidates do have Democratic Primary challengers. “I would like to point out that Ben McAdams currently has no public platform and has not given the constituents of this district a reason to support him other than he’s not Mia Love,” Tom Taylor, a progressive Democrat running in Utah’s 4th District, told the Real News. “If he or the DCCC think they can beat Mia Love on name recognition alone, they are mistaken.”

The DCCC picked IL-12 Candidate Brendan Kelly for their program. They did not feel the need to acknowledge the Democractic candidates David Bequette or civil rights leader, Rev. Dr. Charles Koen.




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