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Single Payer/ Medicare for All the Right Answer for America

It is right on choice. It provides free choice of doctor and hospital, the choice Americans want and value. In mandate plans, we lose those choices.

It is right on efficiency. Single payer would slash administrative costs and can promote efficient primary care, management of chronic diseases, and the expanded use of electronic medical records.

It is right on accountability. It will be a public, non-profit system that will respond to what doctors and their patients need, not what corporate executives and their stockholders want.

  • 2/3 of ALL bankruptcies are caused by medical bills, 3/4 of these HAD HEALTH INSURANCE when they got sick or injured
  • For-profit hospitals have higher death rates, lower quality outcomes and higher costs than non-profit hospitals
  • Trumpcare will add hundreds of billions of dollars to the nation’s health care costs, more than Obamacare did. Neither plan works for real people.
  • We ALREADY pay taxes for 60% of US health spending – the cost of single payer but WE DON’T get that level of coverage. You pay an additional 20% of the cost out-of-pocket, businesses pay 20%
  • The U.S. could save over $400 BILLION in administrative costs alone through Single Payer
  • Americans pay the highest health care taxes in the world, 31% goes to unnecessary administrative costs
  • Drug companies spend 31% marketing , 20% toward profits and only 13% on research the rest is already publicly-funded
  • U.S. health system in NOT the best in the world, it actually ranks poorly in international comparisons of quality, outcomes, patient satisfaction, and other measures.
  • Removes the burden for small businesses who struggle to help pay insurance premiums
  • Every industrialized country that has a single payer option is ALSO A CAPITALIST ECONOMY


Learn the truth about your options!  Physicians for a National Health Program and www.PNHP.org

For the full PDF presentation see the file here or visit www.connecthtedotsusa.com



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