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Our Revolution President Nina Turner Sways DNC Delegates

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) met today in Chicago to discuss party business, regional and national strategy as well as the rules changes proposed through the efforts of the Unity Commission. THe atmosphere was jovial and enthusiastic, including conversations around the Super Delegate question and their role going forward in the party.

During a closed door session, DNC members spoke about the role of the Super Delegate issue with leaders making a case to keep things as they are, offer minor changes, or some variation in between. The core argument was one of inclusion for people of color.

Watch Now: Video:Nina Turner_speaking_at_the_DNC_Meeting

Former Senator Nina Turner, who now serves as the National President of Our Revolution, spoke to address the issue of inclusion and made a case, not just for people of color, but for reformers within the Progressive wing of the party. Her impassioned speech and pragmatic logic seemed to sway DNC leadership who capitulated to her position that the proposed rules and changes offered by the work of Unity Commission members has a purpose for the strength of the party.

The DNC delegates will cast a final vote during the general session tomorrow on the final day of the conference.



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