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Our Revolution Celebrates Two Years of Action

Our RevolutionOn August 24, Our Revolution National celebrated the second year of advocacy with a solute to local activists and community advocates helping spread the word about Progressive ideas that work for all Americans. In honor of this milestone, the national organization is highlighting local groups who haven’t stop fighting at home and across the states where they live and work.

Northern Illinois Progressive Network is among these groups being recognized. Members of our group have achieved the following:
  • Recruited 19 new precinct committee people
  • Recruited 9 new election judges
  • Gathered over 300 petition signatures for candidate ballot access
  • Worked with our moderate Republican neighbors to stop 8 Tea Party candidates from taking over our local school board and township board, including running a bi-partisan slate of Progressive candidates
  • Stood with local union workers on strike and wrongfully terminated
  • Volunteered to help Progressive candidates run for Congress, state, and local offices
  • Started an educational podcast to cover local political happenings in the county
  • Filed a lawsuit to fight defamation, harassment, and coercion against Progressive volunteer
  • Helped elect our first Progressive to the Illinois State Central Committee
  • Currently working to protect voter rights against polling place consolidation and stop a tea party candidate running for the Clerk’s office.
  • Currently working with Our Revolution Illinois to unify Progressive action across the state.

And a shout out to our partner organization, Medicare for All- Northern Illinois, who won 3rd place (out of 198 entries) in the Sycamore Pumpkin Fest Parade in 2017.

Bi-partisan slate for Algonquin Township, 2017
Mike Tauler addressing the McHenry County Board, 2017



Charles Kraft and the 4-H Club, 2017
“Scabby” in Algonquin to protest the illegal firing of union workers.




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