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Data Wizard Update: 626 Progressives Won Primaries

Warren Lynch, the famed Data Wizard and keeper of Berniecrat election statistics nationally, has just published an updated tally on Progressives who prevailed during the 2018 Primary Elections. His data is a clear indication that analysts have been pushing a false narrative that populist candidates are “too fringe” to appeal to voters.

Warren writes, “For all ye doubters (especially Jimmy Dore and those working at NPR) who keep saying that the Berniecrats and progressives are ‘losing’ the 2018 primaries! There are 626 names here, and 82 of them in FEDERAL races! The number of seated progressives is about to at least TRIPLE this November, so don’t believe the hype!”

His data includes state-wide and federal races for 2018. This means Progressives in local and party races are not on the updated list. Candidates like our own Peter Janko, elected to the Illinois State Central Committee for IL14 Congressional District are not on the list – yet, but these down ballot races are included in his 2017 victory count published last year.

Also noted are the fact that not all candidates ran as Democratic candidates. The list includes Green Party, People’s Party, and registered Independent candidates who champion populist ideas that benefit working families. Lynch included over 200 from these other groups in his original 2017 post detailing areas across the country where Progressives had won. His maps show Progressive victories in 2017 that cover every state across the country, including those states that elected Progressive leadership.

The election results are bolstered by new data that suggested Progressive policies are gaining traction among Americans. The Hill recently published at poll that shows 70% of Americans (85% Liberal, 52% Conservative) now support Medicare for All despite strong push back from party leadership on both sides of the aisle.

The data also shows that Americans strongly support free college tuition and abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) with strong measures to strengthening our borders and allowing for comprehensive immigration reforms.




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