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Northern Illinois Progressive Network Endorses Drew Georgi

We are pleased to announce our endorsement of Andrew “Drew” Georgi, candidate for McHenry County Clerk in the 2018 general election. www.votedrewgeorgi.com

We make this unanimous decision based on his past commitment to fighting corruption as a Hebron Trustee and his positions as a candidate for the important role of the County Clerk in protecting and strengthening voting access by the legal voters of McHenry County.

A significant part of this decision comes from Drew’s open and transparent plan for consolidation of the Recorder’s Office with the Clerk’s Office and the actions Drew has taken over the last year to document polling place consolidation and efforts made to inform the citizens of McHenry County ahead of the 2018 primary election.

We are proud to support your candidacy and will make every effort to assist the public about your campaign on behalf of citizens of the county.


About Us (www.northernillinoisprogressives.com) We are a bipartisan group of citizens dedicated to education and engagement in McHenry County and Western Lake County.  The Northern Illinois Progressive Network was formed to help organize content, events, news and action items important to independent Progressive causes. We are not affiliated with any established political party.


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