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Open Letter to MCP Issued by NIP Chair Tauler

An open letter to the McHenry County Progressives,

I have been trying to contact three of your board members that are involved in Drew’s campaign. This email was sent to Robert Rosenberg, Kathryn Potter, and Missy Funk on Sep 16, 2018:


Rob, Kathryn, and Missy,

It has come to my attention that Our Revolution’s decision to not include you on last week’s call has sparked some anger, and that some of that anger has been directed at Drew.

I don’t understand why Our Revolution’s decision has anything to do with Drew and his campaign for clerk, but for the sake of Drew’s campaign I would like to propose a sit-down with myself and the three of you so that we can put this aside at least until after the election.

Drew’s campaign and him winning the election has a far wider impact on this county then any issue involving Our Revolution, and I don’t want to jeopardize that campaign with any past or current bad blood between our groups.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you are willing to sit with me and talk about this issue.

Thank you,
Mike Tauler

This letter was sparked by information I have received about threats that were made to Drew along the lines of: if you don’t stop working with the Northern Illinois Progressive Network we will not support you.

I wanted to sit-down with the people I had been told were involved in those threats and talk with them about it. I wanted to let them know what I had been told, where I had gotten the info from, and let them speak for themselves instead of taking a 3rd party’s word without talking with those involved.

The only response I have received to my letter is from Kathryn; she stated she was only speaking for herself, declined the request to sit-down, and said that an acceptable resolution to the bad blood between our groups was to have the Our Revolution contact changed to Missy.

Having the Our Revolution contact changed to Missy is not a request we can fulfill, Our Revolution is an independent body who chooses who they want to work with, we cannot force them to work with Missy or anyone else.

On Sep 20, 2018 I spotted Missy at the League of Women Voters of McHenry County forum, and asked her if she had seen my email and if I could expect a reply soon. I got a noncommittal response, and I left her with a statement along the lines of: check your calendar and get back to me.

On Sep 22, 2018 I called Robert and left a voicemail asking if he had seen the email, and for him to call me back or reply to my email.

I am writing this open letter now and addressing the MCP as a whole in one more attempt to get your board members to accept the olive branch I and the Northern Illinois Progressive Network have extended so that we can put this aside at least until after the election. Our primary concern is making sure that whatever issues exist between our groups will not impact Drew’s campaign for clerk.

We can workout our differences after the election, but for now join us in putting aside personal differences and focus on helping the best candidate for clerk win the election.

Thank you,
Mike Tauler
Chair, Northern Illinois Progressive Network


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