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Mary Jo Marshall Named to Executive Board of Northern Illinois Progressive Network

(McHenry, IL) – February 26, 2019 The Executive Board of the Northern Illinois Progressive Network (NIPN), an affiliated Our Revolution Group operating in McHenry County and Western Lake County, welcomes Mary Jo Marshall to the executive board by unanimous vote.

Marshall is a long-time resident of McHenry County and business owner who has been active in the community through social, civic and charitable causes. She is an outspoken advocate of political integrity, transparency, and consensus building known for her strong voice as an advocate.

While active in the McHenry County Democratic Party as a previously elected precinct committee person, Marshall was a favorite with Democratic, Republican, and Independent neighbors for her engaging manner and willingness to collaborate for causes that helped the community. Marshall has also been instrumental as a mentor in guiding younger community members in active civic participation, encouraging them to become elected precinct committee members and run for county offices themselves.

The decision of the board focused on Marshall’s bi-partisan appeal and her role as a strong voice for common sense and fiscally responsible policies that will assist in helping shape the strategy and goals of NIPN to advance progressive policies across the political spectrum in McHenry County.

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