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Community-Owned Fiber

OR McHenry Chair, Mike Tauler, recently presented Community-Owned Fiber at a McHenry Township event to introduce participants to the concept of better internet and a possible revenue generating initiative for local communities.

Tauler spoke on behalf of Internet Freedom for McHenry County, a local group working to bring better connectivity to the county and rural areas. His presentation begins at 1:17:00 of the meeting. (Note that the link below will take you to the YouTube post at the start of Tauler’s presentation.)

Internet Freedom for McHenry County

IFMC promotes the creation of a fiber-optic network that is sustainable, affordable, locally controlled, and provides for modernization of our common infrastructure.

“True competition does not exist in the broadband space while costs to consumers rise and service delivery is diminished. This burden impedes the ability to attract businesses and support entrepreneurs while adding to already rising costs for our municipal service and government offices, students and schools, as well as families. We are all being left behind by outdated and expensive technology.”

For more information about how to get involved and lear more, see their website at IFMC.co or visit their facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/ifmchenry/