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Rent Control Fight Prompts Coalition Action in Illinois

“You can’t assume that because I have a ‘D’ behind my name I will just go along with it.” – Illinois Representative Rita Mayfield

Members of the “Lift the Ban” coalition, together with Our Revolution Lake County, met with Illinois State Representative Rita Mayfield at Representative Mayfield’s Waukegan, Illinois office open house event on Saturday, April 20 to prompt her to allow legislation to pass concerning lifting the ban on rent control. Residents are pushing to repeal Illinois’ Rent Control Preemption Act , a current law that prohibits discussions or studies to proceed on behalf of the state or local government agencies that would facilitate a discussion between voters for the possibility of establishing rent control measures.    

Activists were there to support two separate bills introduced to lift the ban on rent control across the state: Representative Mary Flowers’ bill HB2192, and Representative Will Guzzardi’s HB255.

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