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Our Revolution McHenry County Rebukes Vernon Township Democratic Committee

Our Revolution McHenry County formally rebukes the Vernon Township Democratic Committee and Traci Fine, the Vernon Township Democratic Chair, for their recent actions taken to harass and intimidate Adam Broad for utilizing his first amendment right to petition the government for a redress of grievances .

Recently Adam Broad, a longtime Democratic activist, party volunteer, and elected Vernon Township Trustee, was among a group hoping to sway Rep. Brad Schneider to support Representative Jayapal’s House Bill H.R. 1384 for Medicare for All, and in an apparent act of retaliation the Vernon Township Democratic Committee removed Broad as administrator from his local party’s social media platform. When Asked why the removal happened Fine told Broad that “some people had complained”, when Pressed further Chair Fine admitted in an email that Schneider’s fundraising ability and support was more important to their local efforts.

The right to petition government for redress of grievances is the right to make a complaint to, or seek the assistance of, one’s government without fear of punishment or reprisals; The actions taken by the Vernon Township Democratic Committee and Traci Fine to suppress Adam Broad’s freedom of speech goes against not only the founding principles of this county but their own stated values on their website of “advancing Democratic/Progressive values in our community”

For the reasons stated above we, Our Revolution McHenry County, not only rebuke the Vernon Township Democratic Committee and their chair Traci Fine, but also stand with and behind Adam Broad.

Mike Tauler (Chair)


Kerri Barber (Board member)
Kae Dickinson (Board member)
Dominique Miller (Board member)
Mary Jo Marshall (Board member)
Douglas Barber (Board member)



  1. I appreciate my comrades speaking out on my behalf. I expect to make a more detailed public statement within a week regarding my decision to resign as political director of the Vernon Township Democrats and remove myself from the Vernon Township Democratic slate of candidates for local office. I do not wish my decision to reflect upon Traci Fine, who was acting on instructions and is unfortunately caught in the middle between me and those influential supporters of Congressman Schneider who don’t appreciate me playing the role of activist/agitator. In that role, I never did speak on behalf of the Vernon Township Board of Trustees, nor the Vernon Township Democrats. From the time I first joined the Vernon Township Democrats, it was made clear that I am a progressive activist, a member of DSA, and co-organizer of Our Revolution Lake County. As for Congressman Schneider, I probably would not have been elected without his support, and the support I received to get elected came mostly from the colleagues I stand at odds with regarding my outsider approach. I deeply regret that being a progressive activist has become incompatible with the role I enjoyed as a township party-builder, and continuing to serve with my colleagues in township government beyond the current term. I also deeply regret that rather than reinventing the democratic party in a more substantial way, we are repeating the same old mistakes. We do it in the name of winning, but the party, as I’ve seen too many times in the past, is choosing a short-term victory and long-term defeat. Sort of an electoral version of Chicago’s parking meter deal.


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